Audit & Assurance

Why is Financial Due Diligence necessary?

Investors need to examine the benefits and risks before acquiring or investing in a business. Financial due diligence helps potential investors in taking better decisions as it focuses on providing an understanding of:
  • Company's net income,
  • Historical working capital needs, sales and operating expense trends, and
  • Key assumptions used in managements’ forecast, Key personnel, and accounting information systems.

Although audits and due diligence go hand in hand, audit provides only a starting point for an investor’s evaluation of a company and does not comment on the other areas of focus.

How We Can Help Your Company:

Alliott Hadi Shahid Chartered Accountants performs in-depth analyses and provides a checklist making sure the deal meets the clients' business objectives. We have a great reputation for being a top firm in UAE with great client satisfaction.

We provide advisory services to clients on matters throughout the entire process of merger or acquisition. We help you gain important insights on factors regarding growth, demographics, competitors, and other key factors. Our Analysis will help your execution plans, reducing efforts and maximizing value.